A soundscape created for Broad Street Ministry’s annual fundraising event. Attendees of the event listened to this piece while walking through 315 Threadz, a large walk-through closet that is continually stocked with donated clothing and staffed by volunteers who acts as personal shoppers for the guests.

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ASSA ABLOY, the world’s largest manufacturer of locking technology engaged us to create a podcast series focused on campus security and access control. Hear the rest of the series at

“The quality of Brian’s work was outstanding. Not only did Riveting produce high-quality podcast episodes, but they also handled virtually every aspect of the production process from topic development to script writing and finding industry experts to interview. Brian’s industry expertise and contacts combined with his podcasting skills and marketing knowledge made him the perfect fit for the job. Brian is very easy to work with and eliminated any worries we had about using this new media as part of our marketing mix. I would highly recommend him to other companies considering podcasts.”

– Laura Fradette, Marketing Communications Manager, ASSA ABLOY


This a sound installation created for Rose Luardo‘s 2017 art show, My Daughter’s Wedding, at the Practice Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. In this interactive exhibit, people lied down in this “Psychedelic Rave Coffin” with the cover closed and listened to the audio piece through headphones. The audio includes snippets of tape from the artist’s father.

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